About A Bigger Say

Bath & North East Somerset Council wants residents to have a bigger say in what happens locally.

To do this, we need your ideas before decisions are made

So this site encourages you to suggest ideas to address some of the challenges we face. You can also “rate” what is being suggested.


Ideas and comments will be reviewed by a council officer against our moderation policy – sensible rules to ensure a civil place for debate.  


What will happen to my idea?

This will vary depending on the challenge. Details will be given in the individual challenges.

Ideas can be improved by sharing information. So where you are invited to submit ideas, your idea will be publicly visible on the site and rated and discussed by others. Maybe your idea can be improved or you overlooked an issue which someone else knows about?

Some challenges will only allow you comment on ideas or rate them.

The council or its partners may join the discussion and help inform the public debate.

How feedback will be given on ideas submitted or comments or votes given will be detailed in the indivdidual challenges.