One Shared Vision story theme: 15 Minute Neighbourhoods

We’ve jumped forward to the year 2030. The city of Bath and neighbouring market towns have all become 15 minute towns and neighbourhoods. Our day-to-day activities such as going to work, food shopping, healthcare, leisure activities and going to school are all possible within 15 minutes of where we live. So, we now have better air quality, congestion has reduced, and birds are not drowned out by traffic noise. It’s become a friendlier place to live, with more going on locally for all ages, neighbourhoods feel safer, physical and mental health has improved and the sense of community is stronger than before.

The Local Hubs have been a huge success and are a good option for those who don’t enjoy working from home all the time but don’t want to go back to the daily commute. Employees from any company book workspaces that come with superfast internet and there is a professional but relaxed atmosphere. The Local Hubs have recently expanded to host arts, cultural and educational events for in-person activities or using virtual reality. Local shopping areas are thriving, and new shops opened selling local food, which if you choose can be delivered to your home by cargo bike. People don’t own cars like they used to, instead shared car clubs are now the norm and if it’s a local trip lots of people use the pay per hour electric bikes.

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