Built Environment thoughts

There needs to be stricter parameters based on geography and topography and more freedom in others. If you want to reduce flooding of housing in the future, all developments should be a minimum of 50 metres above any water body of course, if you want to encourage cycling, 90% all new development should be within 250 metre total elevation gain and a maximum of 8 miles between place of living and place of work with cycle specific carriageways between locations.

If you really want to do away with cars as a mode of transport, build developments so there are no cars (people will buy into this if they feel involved and not left out of the decision), no garages and fewer roads mean more green space and less infrastructure to have to maintain and pay for, make sure a tram or light rail system goes through every development and connects transport hubs, other settlements and enterprise zones. 


Why the contribution is important

If the aim is a society with less reliance on cars, then new developments need to be built without provision for cars. The capital and revenue financial savings on provision and maintenance of structures for cars can be put to use on projects and provision of space for greening up the environment.

by Louise on January 04, 2021 at 04:05PM

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