Honest accounting for the full life-cycle of goods and services

Every product or service should carry an environmental impact label that tells us the true full cost of its manufacture or provision. To take the example of the cargo bike that delivers goods for "the last mile", an excellent idea that the Council already encourages. When it is in use, it helps to lower emissions - but there is more to that than meets the eye. Where was it made? What was the carbon footprint of its manufacture and delivery? Where will it go when it breaks down? Are we training repairers so it lasts as long as possible? Did the manufacturer and shipper pay the full cost of the extraction of raw materials used? If they polluted, did they pay the full cost of making good?  


Why the contribution is important

We need transformation in public understanding of the true environmental cost of the things we buy and use. Labelling and reporting by the Council e.g. with "traffic light" warnings would be part of that transformation.

by JudithEv on January 08, 2021 at 08:10AM

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