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By 2030, 15 Minute Neighbourhoods will have in large part been achieved by linking the existing economic and residential localities throughout B&NES. It was a huge collaborative task and major achievement. These neighbourhoods have been linked by electric light rail tram systems and tree lined 4 metre wide cycle/walkways along all old railway line routes and existing road corridors, connecting the major conurbations and village local hubs. 

District wide development plans are also well advanced and once adopted by all stakeholders will provide the framework for new developments to enhance further the districts economic prosperity and improved liveability. Such new developments will only be established along the newly created transport routes and follow the 15 Minute Neighbourhood policies and objectives. A significant project is also already underway to retrofit our A-roads into energy positive generating transport routes.

450 miles of new 30 metre wide green wildlife corridors have been established providing ecologically positive wildlife corridors criss-crossing the whole District, having taken advantage of the good communications and connectivity with and between landowners, local communities, interest groups, national government agencies and government grant bodies.

By 2030, penalties, financial and/or other consequential dues will have been applied to all that had not met the 2023 District relevant planning criteria of 15 minute Neighbourhoods. Further, projects not completed will require mitigation measures to be applied to ensure a reasonable time bound satisfactory completion of the project. 

In 2025 an assessment of active strategic projects was undertaken and on five of fixity six projects it was necessary to apply penalties due to significant divergence from contractural obligations and also several key milestones not being met. Specific mitigation requirements had applied to one project that resulted in litigation and a series of public consultation meetings were necessary to address concerns and describe in detail what actions would be taken next to prevent a recurrence of the 23 new homes that were flooded as a result of private developers not being clear with one another over ground levels and sustainable drainage.


Why the contribution is important

If we are really serious with our resolve to bring about change for the good of society and the planet we are going to have to holistically challenge our existing thoughts and beliefs and stretch our thinking. 

We are going to have to have a B&NES Local Plan that reflects and delivers the 15 Minute Neighbourhoods. We need a Plan that will be deliverable for us and an exemplar to others. We are going to have to reach beyond our current grasp of everything to make this happen. 

We are going to have to set smart objectives in both the public and private delivery and development spheres and meet those holistic objectives together or face pre-determined penalties and mitigation costs of failure.

We are going to have to learn to communicate properly with everyone in the District at a personal level to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to have their say and their contribution valued. Communication is vital. When shall we start?

by Louise on December 18, 2020 at 11:00AM

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