Re-setting education ?

This fits across all themes - but I hope that edcuation can be reset to value a much wider range of skills than  the current focus which remains I believe  very widely on academic pass rates ...

- to survive and thrive in 2030 and to be able to help with creating solutions and have a better understanding of our relationship with the planet and each other  through practical and emotional skills

for example - growing / making / working with nature / financial understanding and skills   .... as well as more traditional subjects and arts /sports

ther eis also sscope to bring geenrations together to learn from each other within neighbourhoods and through this maybe to grow compassion / improve relationships .....



Why the contribution is important

Schools' focus on GCSE / A level results is not in itself equipping children now to manage their finances, know how to cook themselves a healthy meal or how to have good relationships .. whislt schools cannot be the answer for everything - the narrow focus on academic exam results leaves numbers of children behind and fails many others from the level of understanding that is needed to manage well in 2020  - the need fir more holisitcs approach should equip young people better for the needs of 2030 ... 

by SuePoole on January 08, 2021 at 07:35PM

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