Resilient, diversely-thriving and richly networked communities

I welcome the creation of low environmental impact neighbourhoods with their shared flexible buildings and assets hosting a range of sustainable business, educational and social actives. However I would rather this story was framed more holistically, less prescriptively and with more emphasis in the narrative on:

  • Expecting and supporting diverse approaches to the creation low environmental impact neighbourhoods (e.g. investing in appropriate public transport to connect more dispersed neighbourhoods or high spec co-working hubs in others);
  • Ensuring all demographic and socioeconomic groups are catered for, can access the real and virtual local hub activities; and
  • Envisaging ever-changing sustainable ways residents and businesses will connect across the B&NES locality, and influence or draw inspiration from other regions or internationally.

Why the contribution is important

Strong and resilient societies, economies and ecosystems evolve and thrive on diversity, inclusion and abundant connectivity.

by NicoletteBoater on January 03, 2021 at 09:49PM

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