All housing is affordable with no household spending more than 30% of their net household income on rent or a mortgage

All households spend no more than 30% of income after tax and any benefits on housing 

Why the contribution is important

High housing costs creates adverse social and economic costs including poor choice of local housing for those working in B&NES, the stress and health impact of housing insecurity from problems meeting housing costs. Lower housing costs means more income available for home improvements including retro fit measures to achieve zero carbon warm comfortable homes well adapted to the circumstances and lifestyle of the occupiers. More household disposal income will permit other quality of life and leisure opportunities and benefit the local economy more widely and create local jobs.

by Chrismordaunt on January 06, 2021 at 10:34PM

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  • Posted by Louise January 06, 2021 at 23:15

    Very much agree. House price inflation creates an illusion of growth, but each time a property is exchanged at an inflated price with an increased mortgage, it is like the felling of another tree of potential productive growth in our ‘economy forest’. Money tied up in debt does not grow business or create jobs. Entrepreneurial ‘trees’ should act like little engines of growth in our economy but they are a finite resource and they cannot grow without finance. Their felling by debt leads to the diversity and energy and creativity being leached out of the soil of our productive capacity. The result is higher costs of living and lower productive output – ‘deforestation’. Now there simply isn’t enough money in the economy, in either the private or public sectors, to expand new housing to the levels needed to reduce inflation and end the crisis. The crisis is generating its own momentum. It signals to us a real danger sign about the current state and future destination of our economy.
  • Posted by Benjamoss January 08, 2021 at 23:07

    Co-operative and community land trust owned property and housing developments could help achieve this
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