Bath, the therapeutic city

GDP has always been a poor measure of national progress and has long since run its course.  There is now rapidly growing interest in overall wellbeing as the focus of public endeavour.  Bath's restorative history and its distinctive assets - green setting, hot spring, heritage buildings, physical compactness, cultural depth - provide a flying start in this emerging world.  Less apparent but equally important is the city's extraordinary human capital in relation to is size - thanks to its universities, colleges and schools and its clutch of leading edge small businesses.

Now is the time for Bath to shift further and faster from a low wage visitor/retail economy to a high wage technical/therapeutic economy.  Over the next decade this could generate the economic and intellectual wherewithal and the collective will to pursue ambitious environmental and social goals.

Why the contribution is important

Economic, social and environmental objectives are often seen as antithetical.  If they can be aligned - and few places have a better opportunity to do that than Bath - then progress on all three fronts can accelerate.  The starting place is to make it easier for innovative start-ups.  An immediate no-brainer presents itself: convert empty and unwanted retail space to business/workshop/office space.


by stephen7675 on December 28, 2020 at 04:02PM

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