Develop model farms

If B&NES is to innovate in farming it needs to allow farmers to see particular farming methods working and to understand best practice. Model farms could be offered incentives to provide access to other farmers and local people to learn about sustainable farming. For instance you could sponsor:

a model agroforestry farm

a model forestry/woodland management farm

a model organic farm

and many more, which inspire and raise awareness in the general public and the farming community

These model farms need to be offered guaranteed markets in local businesses to ensure their work is sustainable.

B&NES could usefully set up a farming advisory service where skilled specialists could help local farmers transition to new ways of working.

All B&NES schools could include educational trips out to these model farms

You could annoince the intention to identify model farms in 5 years time and then identify routes farmers could follow to be considered for model farm status, with financila incentives to get there.

Why the contribution is important

We cannot expect farmers to transitions to new ways of working without financial security and incentives and without appropriate awareness raising/education and ongoing support. This is especially important in transitioning to organic methods. We need to raise awareness in the local popultion of the many benefits of moving to local, sustainably sourced food so that we create the market that these farmers can supply to.

by jackiehead on December 15, 2020 at 03:25PM

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  • Posted by PaulJ January 02, 2021 at 12:50

    We already have a City farm in Twerton, supported by various charities. And the National Trust is re-establishing traditional meadows on Bathwick Hill and on Widcombe Hill. It also advocates sustainable farming on the land it owns - one concern must be the withdrawal of EU funding due to Brexit. We need to see what post-Brexit financial support there'll be for farming.
  • Posted by Benjamoss January 08, 2021 at 23:14

    These farms could be collaborated with by an organisation such as the Ecological Land Coop ( who are also inventively creating housing opportunities within these agro-ecological enterprises.
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