Enable the flourishing of agro-ecological community and cooperative land trust

We need living examples of low-impact, zero-carbon, regenrative farming in action, that also meets needs for new housing- as well as providing huge social and environmental well being to thrive in those places. 

The countryside will also need a re-invention from being the commuter-belt and address the migration of youth who can neither afford housing nor find work in the countryside and green belt.


The work necessary in replanting woodlands, growing food, and provoding well-being to visitors jsutifies the need for pioneering approaches to farming and housing. Enabling the establishment and flourishing of communities and cooperatives  can address this.  

Why the contribution is important

We need a living, working countryside with young people and families drawn back to the countryside. Huge skills are needed for the upcoming work needed to address the climate crisis, not to ignore the food - production resilience and housing crisis to be addressed. Supporting models than enable this - such as the Ecological Land Co-op enable -is exactly the kind of solutions we need. BathNES should pioneer collaboration with land trusts in achieving this.

by Benjamoss on January 08, 2021 at 11:42PM

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  • Posted by NicoletteBoater January 09, 2021 at 10:32

    As existing systems of land ownership and management are a major impediment to making our economy greener and more inclusive, this is just sort of collaborative business model innovation B&NES need to nurture and promote to catalyse the systemic societal, economic and environmental change our ambitions require.
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