Promote activities which address the climate and nature emergencies

Addressing our locality's climate and nature emergencies needs to be a golden thread running throughout our shared vision. Although already well woven into some of the narratives (notably Nature and Landscape), other narratives benefit from more inspiring examples of the sorts of activities addressing these agendas and the opportunities these bring to their communities. For example:  

  • In the ’15 Minute Neighbourhoods’ story, why not feature Repair Cafes as an example of what communities might find in their neighbourhood Local Hub and how this provides opportunities skilled repairers, better meet community and nurture collaboration whilst also addressing local scope 3 emissions?
  • In the ‘Heritage of the Future’ story, why not make more of environmental outdoor tourism where being inspired by nature and learning how to steward it, is central to the experience, and why not promote these opportunities within B&NES as well as to those from further afield? So doing may also help local farmers and our rural communities find new ways of earning a living; and 
  • In the ‘Business and innovation’ story, why not envisage purpose-led businesses and social entrepreneurs making our local economy more circular, regenerative and inclusive, alongside or even ahead of, the educational institutions and traditional businesses more focussed on products, profits and national success? 

Why the contribution is important

Clarity of purpose will help bring our multiple interests and perspectives together in a shared vision.

Without addressing these emergencies our shared future will be poorer and more precarious.

Locally relevant collaboration between communities, businesses and governmental organisations and a ‘backcasting’ (rather than incremental approach) are essential to achieving the pace and scale of change required to achieve our net zero, biodiversity and ‘just transition’ ambitions. 

by NicoletteBoater on January 04, 2021 at 11:27AM

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