One Shared Vision story theme: Fairer Financing

We’ve jumped forward to the year 2030. People and businesses in the BathNES area really started to see how the choices they make about where to spend or invest their money, bring visible, positive benefits to the local area. A BathNES Green Digital Municipal Bond was created. Local people have a stake in this, they see where their investment goes and who benefits, particularly focussing on the more vulnerable and lower income parts of the community.

Through this new Bond, investment flowed into industrial scale renewable energy generation in areas across North East Somerset, new all-electric energy efficient social and cooperative housing has been built and green infrastructure created, including connected cycleways. Profits from this green investment had been ploughed back into funding home energy efficiency for the least well off, eradicating fuel poverty and increasing health and well-being. Investment also flooded in from overseas, including from businesses who recognised the value of BathNES as a place to set up a new presence. 

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