Financing local democracy

B&NES LA should not remain silent in the face of intolerable financial pressures and limitations but exercise its democratic right to campaign for a substantial increase in the grant supplied by central government and the ongoing freedom to set its own level of council tax. In doing so it should seek the support of other LAs, individually, regionally and if possible through the LGA.  

Why the contribution is important

For years local authorities have been deprived of the funds necessary to carry out even their basic responsibilities. Government contributions have shrunk in real terms, while those responsibilities have greatly increased.

Government has also curtailed LAs' right to set their own levels of Council Tax, bringing many to the brink of bankruptcy and putting even their most essential services at risk, let alone any visions for the future.

Since they constitute a key plank of democracy, LAs should excercise their democratic right - and duty to those they serve - to convince central government of the need for realistice funding, and for the freedom to formulate and carry out their own policies. It will increase the efficacy of their representations if they do so collectively.

If we take our Council's consultation and vision seriously, it is essential to ensure that the necessary funding is in place for it to become reality, so meeting the needs of those who live within its bounds and contributing to the much needed transformation of our country.


by dianamfrancis on December 31, 2020 at 04:06PM

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  • Posted by NicoletteBoater January 08, 2021 at 15:23

    I completely agree about the seriousness of the chronic reduction in the proportion of central government funding reaching local authorities and restricted powers whilst their responsibilities increase, and also support our Council in co-campaigning for greater grant funding. However I think there needs to be more emphasis in this, on
    - demonstrating to central government the leading contribution our locality and/or region are making to addressing major global or national policy agendas (such as the UN led Race to Net Zero);
    - identifying specific collaborative local or regional projects or initiatives addressing such agendas attracting purposeful impact finance of the type I argue for in the idea I posted earlier today.
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