One Shared Vision story theme: Nature and Landscape

We’ve jumped forward to the year 2030. Lots of us spent more time outside in 2020, exercising, appreciating the calming effects of nature, gardening or growing food. This really motivated us to change how we use and interact with nature and green spaces; we want to carry on enjoying nature at the same time as regenerating biodiversity and rebuilding soil health.

The countryside and landscape has become our greatest asset in reaching our zero carbon target and tackling the ecological crisis in BathNES.

The energy we use in our homes is now clean and generated locally, we can buy locally produced food grown in a way that supports, not damages biodiversity and nature, soil health is improving, and carbon is being captured in the wild meadows and new woodlands we’ve planted. New and existing housing is energy and water efficient. Fuel and food poverty are all but eradicated. More walking and cycling routes have been created so we can get around where we live, shop and go to school without needing to get in a car resulting in better air quality.

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