Bath Sport and Recreation vision

Sport and recreation (in its widest sense) play a significant part in the Bath story and offers part of the solution to healthier lifestyles in the future.  
The YouTube interviews (Caroline Kay and Ian White) point to a call to action for a meaningful vision and research piece to ascertain the infrastructure demands for sport and recreation facilities and use (not just a playing pitch paper).
Reliance on CIL or grant funding will lead to a piecemeal approach and facilities that are dated before they are built (eg Odd Down).

Our charity has the means and purpose to collaborate on creating a strategic vision working with your key speakers (BPT, UoB, St John's, Wesport and other significant organisations). Given the paucity of public funds to design, build and operate future sports and recreation provision it is time to consider putting this important strand of community life into the hands of those with the resources  to deliver it. In time BNES can play their part by contributing the land/facilities to help deliver the emerging vision along with joint applications to major sources of funding matched by third sector and philanthropists finance.

Why the contribution is important

On reading the Infrastructure Funding Plan it is clear BNES are almost solely reliant on external funding to deliver any sport and recreation project.  This does not bode well.

There are significant opportunities to plan and deliver for the future but the council-led approach are killing them (eg former BCA site).
Despite repeated efforts to engage BNES we have been forced to work in isolation of the council.  We are delivering with local partners but the scale does not match the demand - a brave new approach by Council could unlock the opportunities and provide great service for the City.

by BathRecreation on January 01, 2021 at 10:29AM

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